The following 15 Days Christian Holy Land Tour Package focuses on some of the most sacred places in the Holy Land.

It includes visits to cities around Israel including the Northern Coast, Holy Jerusalem, Nazareth, Caesarea, Haifa, as well as key cities in Palestine such as Bethlehem, Nablus, Ramallah, and others!

It also includes visits to important cities nearby Jordan including Jerash, Petra, Amman, Mount Nebo, and Wadi Rum.

To spice your tour a bit, the package also includes some unique experiences for all of your senses.

You will be able to see the Holy Land from the sky during a Power Paragliding, taste its culture through smell and taste during our food tasting tour, and of course hear and learn about it from the guide who will accompany you.

All the tours of this package are private, made of small groups(Only you and who accompanies you during your visit) and are led by one of our Christian tour guides in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan.

Day 1-2: Arrival to Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the Northern Coast

  • Arrival at Ben Gurion
  • VIP Arrival & Transfer Service from the moment you Land
  • Spend the first night in one of Tel Aviv’s hotel
  • Depending on your arrival, we can also begin the tour on the first day, discovering Modern Tel Aviv and ancient Jaffa
  • We will visit the port of Jaffa – perhaps the most ancient port in the world and visit many notable places such as the St Peters church, the lighthouse, the old city, and the Clock Tower
  • On the next day, after visiting Jaffa, either during the last day or At the morning of the next, we will begin our drive to the Northern Coast
  • On the way, we will stop at Caesarea National Park, a magnificent city and port built by Herod the Great
  • From there, we proceed to Akko a port city in northwest Israel, on the Mediterranean coast. It’s known for its well-preserved old city walls, crusader forts, and the most sacred Gardens of the Baha’i Religion(the Second most sacred is in Haifa).
  • Then, we continue to Haifa – one of the most important ports in Israel.
  • We will visit the Stella Maris and the Mukh’raka – the cave where Prophet Elijah lived and had his famous confrontation with the priests of Baal.
  • Then we will see the glorious view of the Baha’i Gardens and Terraces(The second most sacred place for Baha’ists), and walk in the Louis Promenade and the German Colony.
  • At eve, enjoy a Christian Hospitality and special dinner experience at a Christian family house (good middle eastern homemade food).
  • Spend the night in the Galilee

Day 3: Jerze’el Valley

  • Begin the Day with a visit to the excavations of the Ancient city of Megiddo – at the entrance to the Jerze’el Valley.
  • Continue to Tzippori National park – an important center of co-existence during the 1st up top the 7th centuries. There, Jews Romans and the later Byzantines lived together in relative peace and quiet.
  • After that, continue to Nazareth – the hometown of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Visit the famous Church of Annunciation and the Church of Saint Joesph.
  • Proceed to the Nazareth village – an exact recreation of the ancient hometown of Christ.
  • Continue east for a visit in the famous Mount Tabor and Church of Transfiguration
  • Home Hospitality with Local Family. Israel’s Christian Arabs are the smallest ethnic group among the Arabic speaking minorities. We offer you a rare opportunity to break bread with a local family in their home, where you will hear about village life in the Galilee and Christian life in the Holy Land. You will dine at their table, sampling an assortment of authentic Galilean fare, in keeping with local culinary traditions
  • Overnight in the Galilee

Day 4: Golan Heights

  • Leave the Galilee and drive north towards the Golan Heights.
  • Visit the famous Banias national park – the excavation of the ancient city of Caesarea Philipe.
  • Take beautiful photos at the iconic Banis waterfall (Which was featured in the latest Eurovision).
  • Visit the overlook on Mount Hermon – the highest mountain of Israel and the only ski slope available in Israel during winter.
  • Enjoy a tour & Wine tasting experience at Pelter Winery and
  • Listen to security briefing with IDF Officers, explaining the Geopolitical situation of the region.
  • Enjoy a Golan Heights Jeep Tour – an unforgettable experience!

Day 5: Follow Jesus Ministry in the Galilee

  • Begin the day with a Power Paragliding – a unique experience you will never forget!
  • Visit the Arbel National Park
  • Sail the Sea of Galilee on a boat similar to the one from the times of Christ.
  • Visit the Archaeological center of Magdala.
  • Continue to the Mount of Beatitudes
  • Visit Tabgha
  • Visit Capernaum
  • Visit Yardenit Baptismal site
  • Drive through the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem.
  • Spend the night in Jerusalem

Day 6-7: Jerusalem & the Old City

  • Geopolitical Tour of Jerusalem
  • The Western Wall and the tunnels
  • The Jewish Quarter
  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Christian Quarter
  • Via Dolorosa
  • The Cardo in Jerusalem
  • Temple Mount
  • On next Day Mount of Olives
  • Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of all Nations
  • Church of St. Anne
  • City of David
  • Davidson Center
  • Yad Vashem
  • Machane Yehuda tasting Experience.
  • spend the night in Jerusalem

Day 8: Bethlehem – Where it all started

  • Visit Israel National Museum
  • Continue to Bethlehem
  • Visit Herodium
  • Visit the Garden Tomb of Jesus Christ
  • Overnight at Jerusalem

Day 9-10: Discover Palestine

  • Head to Nablus: Drive into the heart of Samaria starting with the Samaritan city visiting the Samaritan Centre on top of Mount Gerizim
  • Descend the Mountain to visit Jacob’s well, Joseph’s Tomb and Tell Balata.
  • Walk in the old city of Nablus (tasting the most delicious sweets).
  • Head to Jerusalem to Check-in for the first Night.
  • Head to Ramallah to visit Rawabi: the newest developed city in the west bank with the biggest Roman theatre in the middle east.
  • Explore Ramallah – the Capital of Palestine.
  • Visit Yaseer Arafat’s Tomb, Mahmood Darwish Museum, and the Palestinian National Museum.
  • Discover Taybeh – the last all-Christian community in the West Bank, and Visit the local Brewery and Winery in a unique tasting tour
  • Visit the Ruins of Saint George Church in Taybeh
  • Continue to Jericho, the oldest city in the World.
  • Visit Christ’s Baptism site, the nearby church of the Mount of Temptation, and the Church of Saint George in Wadi Qelt.
  • Conduct a Camel Ride in the nearby area
  • Spend the night in Jerusalem

Day 11: Onward to Jordan

  • Check out and Depart the Hotel to Jordan.
  • Near the border, stop at Qaser El Yehd – Christ’s baptismal site.
  • Arrival in Jordan at King Hussein Bridge Border Crossing
  • Transfer to visit Mount Nebo and Madaba
  • Continue for a visit in Jerash – an ancient Roman city
  • Continue to the Dead Sea – Jordanian side
  • spend the night in the Dead sea / Jordanian side

Day 12: The ancient city of Petra

  • Check out and Depart the Hotel to Petra.
  • Spend the day at beautiful Petra which is believed to have been settled as early as 9,000 BC, and was possibly established in the 4th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataean kingdom.
  • spend the night in Petra

Day 13: Wadi Rum

  • Check out and Depart the Hotel to Wadi Rum.
  • Spend the day at Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon (Wādī al-Qamar) is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan. It is the largest wadi in Jordan.
  • spend the night at the Luxury Bubble tent camp in Wadi Rum.

Day 14: Spend the Day in Amman

  • Check out and Depart the Hotel
  • Spend the Day touring in Amman (depending on the time of your departure flight).
  • Begin your Journey back to Tel Aviv in the Holy Land.
  • Spend the Night in Tel Aviv

Day 15: Check out and transfer to Ben Gurion

  • If times allow we will proceed for the additional tour in Modern day Tel Aviv – including Sarona Market, Tel Aviv’s Promenade
  • VIP Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport