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  • Segway Tour with Holy Land VIP Tours

Segway tour in Israel and Palestine is an special activity available during our Customized tours.

Visiting the Holy Land of Israel and Palestine is a unique event in the hearts of every Christian.

Customized Private tour that is planned by a Christian guide would enhance the spiritual experience of your Christian tour.

It will help you to make your visitation of the Holy Land a meaningful as well as a successful event.

Driving a Segway feels like something you have never experienced before.

Floating over the streets, sidewalks, curbs cuts, and ramps without making a sound is an unforgettable feeling.

The balancing act is the most fantastic thing about the Segway, and its the key to it’s operation.

Segway has minimal impact to the surroundings and is most fitting for accessing every place in the city.

Segway tour in Israel provides an excellent platform for those dreamers who like to experience a real-life virtual set-up.

We are working with the best Segway tours agencies in Israel which meets the highest standards for providing a safe, memorable but most of all a fun experience.

Experience the excitement of the Segway tour in two or three hour adventure tour exploring the beautiful places of the Holy Land.

Visit its cities, the Holy Sites of Christianity and much many additional magnificent places.

Segway tour in Israel is a unique and exciting way of discovering the Holy Land

Conducting a Segway tour with a Christian tour guide provides an unforgettable experience for the Christian audience.

This perfect platform was planned for those who are inquiring for a deep view of Israel and Palestine and recommended during tours in Caesarea, Jerusalem, and Jaffa.

Evеrу year hоrdеѕ оf tоurіѕtѕ visit the Holy land of Iѕrаеl and Palestine fоr self religious rеаѕоnѕ as well as to discover the historical and natural beauty of the place.

Tourists would certainly find it difficult to plan out such Israel tours with much precision.

Holy Land VIP Tour provides many additional activities during our Holy land Tours such as Camel Riding in the deserts and Jeep tour in the fields!

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