Watch the beautiful landscape of Central Israel from above, in a new and unique way – powered parachute flight.

Sitting in a powered parachute vehicle, accompanied by a pilot, you’ll take off and ascend above the Holy Land.

Powered Parachute Flight with Holy Land VIP Tours

Powered Parachute Flight with Holy Land VIP Tours

You will see before your eyes the fields and orchards of the Holy Land below.

This Holy Land Activity, which we provide in our Private tours, is a unique and exciting way to explore the Holy Land from low altitude.

Explore the Holy Land from the heavens in an unforgettable powered parachute flight!

Highlights of the Activity

  • An experienced instructor will pilot the special powered parachute vehicles and he will accompany you at all times.
  • Flights last approximately 20 minutes following a brief introduction to the vehicle and experience
  • Minimum age for passengers is 6 years.
  • Minimum of two flights required at same time.
  • Regular flights take place near Netanya, a city located around 30 minutes from Tel Aviv.
  • Low altitude flight above the Mini Israel Park, above Caesarea, and in the Dead Sea region near Masada are also available.
  • Flights are tailored according to the wishes of the passenger and can be calm or adventurous in nature.
  • Accommodation of passengers with disabilities is available.

Holy Land VIP Tours – Special Activities

Holy Land VIP Tours offer Special Activities all across the Holy Land both within Israel and the West Bank.

Powered parachute flight | Powered Parachute flight in Israel | Powered parachute flight in Palestine | Holy Land Activity | Holy Land VIP ToursTravel to the Holy Land and we will build a Special Holy Land Tour customized just for you.

In addition, we can incorporate many other special activities in our tours such as Motorcycle Tour or Helicopter Flight in the skies of the Holy Land.

We provide unforgettable private tours both in Israel and Palestine and one of the few companies who can conduct tours in both countries.

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