Motorcycle Tour in Israel and Palestine in Israel and Palestine is a special activity we can provide during our Customized tours.

Visiting the Holy Land of Israel and Palestine is a unique event in the heart of every Christian.

It will help you to make your visitation of the Holy Land a meaningful as well as a successful event.

We offer a unique diverse set of destinations including the Judaean desert, the beautiful Galilee and the Golan Height.

Motorcycle tour is highly Recommend for those who search for a bit of extreme.

Take a journey across the holy land on two wheels, in style and freedom with our magnificent Holy Land Activity.

Why choosing Motorcycle Tour in Israel?

Motorcycle Tour in Israel is a new unique way to experience the Holy Land.

Motorcycle Ride provides an excellent platform for those who favor some extreme in their Holy Land Tour.

We provide a safe, fully-guided tour which meets the highest standards for providing a safe, memorable but most of all a fun experience.

The tour is guided by our certified Christian guide, long experienced in guiding within the Holy Land.

In his tours, he combines religion and history together, therefore providing an unforgettable tour.

Experience the excitement of the Motorcycle Tour in Israel, exploring the beautiful places of the Holy Land.

The motorcycle ride offers a hands-on experience that you will surely remember.

Information about the tour

Holy Land VIP Tours offers large varieties of Helicopter tours.

That can include a one hour tour above the Holy City of Jerusalem or a Flight above Tel-Aviv and the Mediterranean Coast.

The most notable one is the Magnificent Motorcycle Tour in the Judaean Desert – including a visit in Masada and the Dead Sea.

Helicopter tour in Israel | Holy Land VIP Tours

Helicopter tour in Israel | Holy Land VIP Tours

Every year hоrdеѕ оf tourists visit the Holy land of Iѕrаеl and Palestine fоr self religious rеаѕоnѕ as well as to discover the historical and natural beauty of the place.

Tourists would certainly find it difficult to plan out such Israel tours with much precision.

Holy Land VIP Tours offers many tour opportunities in the Holy Land – including Israel, The West Bank and Jordan.

All our tours are Luxurious, Private and led by a Christian guide.