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Jeep ride in Israel and Palestine offers you a chance to experience the Holy Land in a way you will never forget.

Explore the depths of the Negev or Judea Deserts near the Dead Sea, Ramon Crater, Eilat or the green hills of the Galilee.

  Jeep ride in Israel and Palestine is a great way to explore the Holy Land where the paved road ends.

Jeep Tour in the Judea Desert

Judean desert jeep tour is an example of a Jeep ride you can take in the Holy Land.

What are we going to do on this Jeep Trip?

The Highlights of the trip are:

  • Off-road guided Jeep tour with a Certified Christian Guide.
  • Swimming in the most marvelous springs of the Holy Land.
  • Ride out to off-the-beaten-track sites
  • Reaching the view of the ‘scapegoats’ Cliff.
  • Experience desert life meeting the Bedouin community of Israel and Palestine.

Jeep ride of Judaean Desert – A must have Holy Land Extreme Experience

We begin the jeep ride leaving Jerusalem in the morning.

We drive out in luxury jeeps towards the Dead Sea, leaving the traffic of the holy city behind and entering the vast territories of the Judaean desert.

The Judaean Desert is a desert located in Israel and Palestine which lies east of Jerusalem and descends towards the Dead Sea.

Afterwards, driving on through the incredible desert landscape, we’ll pass Nabi Musa and visit extraordinary springs at Ein Prat.

It is much recommended to combine the Judea Desert Jeep tour with Jerusalem and Mount Zion Tour or with our 5 Days Desert tour.

Jeep Tour Safari in the Golan Heights – Holy Land Extreme Activity

A Golan Jeep Tour Safari takes you into the depths of the beautiful and fascinating landscape of the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights lies in Israel’s most remote northern-most region.

A jeep tour in the Golan enables you to venture further off the road than the average tourist ever would.

We will drive right into the heart of the hills and valleys that characterize this incredible region, with its incredible nature, wildlife, history, and modern-day activity.

The Highlights of this trip are:

  • Driving along dirt tracks,
  • passing through streams,
  • Hovering through orchards and groves, small villages, and extinct volcanic land-forms.


From scenic mountain views, to flower-covered pastures, to ancient historic sites, there is plenty to explore in Golan Height.

A Golan jeep tour Safari is a luxury tour and a diverse experience, perfect for groups of all ages.

Interested in a Jeep ride in the Holy Land? Give us a call to +1(800)-787-3034 or Leave us a message and we will contact you shortly!

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