Hot Air Balloon Flight in Israel

Take a hot air balloon flight in Israel and see the country from a magical perspective you would never otherwise reach.

Watch the beautiful landscape of Northern Israel from above, in a new and unique way, from a hot air balloon.

Before your eyes you’ll see Biblical battlefields, extraordinary nature, modern cities and ancient ruins.

Standing inside the Hot air balloon’s gondola, you’ll take off and ascend above the Holy Land.

Our experienced guide will escort you and provide you the story of each place you will cross during the flight.

This Holy Land Activity, which we provide in our Private tours, is a unique and exciting way to explore the Holy Land from high altitude.

Hot air balloon flight in Israel can be combined with our customized Private tours in the Holy Land.

Flying the skies and watching the Holy Land beneath you is a one time experience everyone should experience!

Highlights of the activity

  • Take off any day of the week at sunrise in the Jezreel Valley, located 75 minutes away from Tel Aviv.
  • Reach altitudes of 3000-5000 feet
  • The balloon is operated by a fully experienced and certified operator, providing a safe and comfortable experience.
  • Our experienced guide will accompany you during the flight, guiding you throughout the flight from both historic and Christian perspective.
  • Pass over famous historic sites including those associated with the Christian faith.
  • Enjoy the unique wildlife of Israel’s northern region.
  • Look into the distance and see as far as the cities of Nazareth and Haifa, the Mediterranean, and Sea of Galilee
  • Experience last around 2 hours and includes the traditional champagne ceremony and country-style breakfast after the flight, and transfer through the nature in a jeep back to your vehicle.
  • Flights in the Galilee and Negev regions are also available.

Holy Land VIP Tours – Special Activities

We offer Special Activities all across the Holy Land both within Israel and the West Bank.

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Travel to the Holy Land and we will build a Special Holy Land Tour customized just for you.

In addition, we can incorporate many other special activities in our tours such as Powered parachute flight above the Holy Land or a Boat Ride in the Sea of Galilee.

We provide unforgettable private tours both in Israel and Palestine and we are one of the few companies who can conduct tours in both countries.

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