Private Wine tour in the Holy Land grants you the opportunity to see the land of wine and cheese up close.

Holy Land Winery Tour

Holy Land Winery Tour

During this special, we will visit some of the country’s most recognized and impressive wineries.

Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to visit a very special winery in Bethlehem which produces organic wine.

Regardless of the location, our Private wine tours are led by expert guides who are passionate about wine that Israel produces.

We recommend you to conduct Private wine tours either on a full day or half day tour.

Also, it can be done during a stop on another private tour itinerary where wineries can be found, For example, during a Christian tour in Bethlehem or Private tour in the North.

Holy Land Winery Tour – The history of the wine industry

Around 2 millenniums ago, the holy land, was known as a region that produced high-quality wine.

Winery tour in Israel

Winery tour in Israel

In fact, it was one of the first winemaking regions in the world.

As centuries passed, the wine industry dwindled but returned in full force over the past decades.

According to archeologists, Israel exported millions of jugs of wine throughout the Mediterranean and Asian trading routes during biblical times.

This claim is based on the uncovering of wine jugs with the symbol of Israeli ports by archeologists.

Although the Holy Land had her ups and downs in regard to the wine industry, today its thriving and going on a huge upswing.

Israel has gone through her ups and downs within the wine industry but today the Israeli Wine Industry is thriving and on a huge upswing.

Today, the Israeli wine industry thriving and appears at the forefront of the global wine scene.

New boutique wineries are being opened on a frequent basis and Israel produces tens of millions of bottles each year.

During our tour, we will visit the vineyards of the wineries and taste their delicious wine.

Moreover, each tour is led by a wine expert providing information about each wine you will taste.

Winery Tour – Watch the experience