Holy Land Pilgrimage in Israel and Palestine

Holy Land Pilgrimage is what we in Holy Land VIP Tours offer to our fellow Christian People.

You are almost there, a click away to have your dreams come TRUE – a tour in Israel where it has all started.

Whether you are Christian or not, there is no better place to learn about history than this place in which all believers calls the Holy Land.

One might ask, what makes it the Holy Land?

My answer will be: Just walk by yourself in the Old City of Jerusalem and you will get the answer.

  • When you see Ancient churches embracing Mosques and Synagogues
  • When watching a lady wearing a Jerusalem Cross talking to a lady with Hijab and looking at a third lady rushing to the Western Wall while reading the Torah
  • After you touch the living stones, smell the ancient earth and listen to the church bells, shofar sounds and calls prayers

Then, you will get the answer you are looking for

Israel is the home for the three monotheistic religions (Christians, Jews and Muslims).

It contains the holiest sites mentioned in the Holy Books of the abrahamic religions.

However, Israel has a special religious significance for Christians, which makes it number one for Christian Pilgrimage and a must place for all Christian dominations.

We at the Holy Land VIP Tours would like to welcome our beloved Christian brothers and sisters to our home “to your home” as we believe that this place is the home for all Christians from all over the planet.

Our mission is to ensure providing you with the most devoted, professional and experienced Christian tour guides to walk with the journey of the Old and New Testament following the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Our Holy Land Pilgrimage will change your life forever.

Why Choosing our Holy Land Pilgrimage tour?

We in Holy Land VIP Tours will make you understand the Bible in a better way.

This is due to the fact our Pilgrimage tours focus on the places mentioned in the Bible.

Holy Land Pilgrimage tours will start from the birth of Christianity, the Annunciation of Christ – his birth – childhood – ministry until crucifixion and resurrection.

We are the only holy land tours company that offer special private tours in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

We offer Special private tours in luxury vehicles to the West Bank and Palestinian territories such as Ramallah, Jericho, Bethlehem, Nablus, Hebron and more.

This tour will replenish your understanding on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict where we all pray for peace and justice.  

Furthermore, we can arrange dinners with Arabs and Jews providing you the chance to meet and talk to people.

In addition to experience the Dead Sea incredible water in the lowest spot on earth, we also take you to all historical sites and national parks, and entertainment activities for kids and adults.

With a Christian guide that brings the bible alive, we will deliver you an unforgettable Pilgrimage tour

About Hold Land Vip Tours

Holy Land Tours Vip - TRAVEL TO THE HOLY LAND | Trip to holy land | trips to the holy land | tours of the holy land | tours to the holy landWe are fully certified to guide both within Israel and also within the Palestinian Authority.

Our Tours are very special, luxurious and comfortable.

All the tours can be in Arabic, Hebrew And English.

We will build Special Holy Land tour Just for you!

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