Flying the skies and watching the Holy Land beneath you is a one time experience everyone should experience, and it is the best way to see the beauty of the holy land in it’s whole.

Helicopter Flight has minimal impact to the surroundings and is most fitting for seeing large parts of the holy land in a short time.

Helicopter tour in Israel provides an excellent platform for those who dream to experience a unique luxury tour in Israel.

Service Overview

We are working with the best Helicopter tours agencies in Israel which meets the highest standards for providing a safe, memorable but most of all a fun experience.

The tour is guided by our certified Christian tour guides, long experienced in guiding within the Holy Land.

They combines religion and history together during an unforgettable tour.

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Experience the excitement of the Helicopter tour in 1-4 hours adventure tour exploring the beautiful places of the Holy Land.

Visit it’s cities, the Holy Sites of Christianity and other magnificent places.

We in Holy Land VIP Tours offer large varieties of Helicopter tours.

Examples of Helicopter Tours:

  • One hour tour above the Holy City of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ancient Jaffa A flight above the golden city of Jerusalem which continues all the way to Tel Aviv and the ancient port of Jaffa.
  • Helicopter flight above the Judaean DesertDiscover the extrodinary Judean Desert from the air. You will be granted with the opportunity to enjoy the marvelous view of the Ancient fortress of Masada and Herodium, and also have a unique view of the nearby Dead sea from the best vantage point humans can reach.
  • Helicopter flight in the Sea of Galilee – Fly above the sacred Sea of Galilee and explore the beautiful Galilee Region.