There is no better idea for Christian Wedding Vow Renewal then conducting a ceremony in the Holy Land.

We invite all Christian couples to conduct an unforgettable and holy ceremony of wedding vow renewal at the famous wedding church at Cana.

When talking with our pilgrims after the tour, they always mention how moved they were by their vows renewal ceremony.

Vow Renewal ceremony in Cana

Vow Renewal ceremony in Cana

This is due to the sacredness of the spot and its importance to Christianity.

When visiting the Church of Cana, we usually recommend you to also visit the nearby city of Nazareth on a Christian tour.

What Wedding vow Renewal ceremony looks like and why in Cana

The stone where Jesus turned water into Wine

The stone where Jesus turned water into Wine

We will start the day with a delicious breakfast at your hotel in Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv.

From there, we will begin our long drive towards Cana and the magnificent land of the Galilee.

After approximate 2.5 hours drive, we will arrive at the area Cana and the famous wedding church.

The modern church stands in the very same place where our Lord Jesus performed one of his first miracles, turning water into wine.

Wedding Church of Cana

Wedding Church of Cana

We will walk to the church and have a brief tour inside of it in which we’ll learn about the excavations and the church’s history.

Finally, as we finish our brief tour, we will proceed to the main hall for the holy ceremony of the vows renewal.

There, before the eyes of God and Men, the local Cardinal will perform the holy ceremony.

We recommend every devoted Christian couple to perform this ceremony as there is no more sacred place like this one for such occasion.


Here is an exmaple of a happy couple who conducted such ceremony with Holy Land VIP Tours.

Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony