Camel Riding in Israel and Palestine

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Camel Riding in Israel and Palestine is a special way to explore the landscape of the Holy Land’s Desert – The Judaean Desert.

It offers an unforgettable experience and there is no more authentic place to experience it as in the desert.

Unlike taking a ride in the Desert, camel Riding lets you feel the desert’s inhabitants way of life – The Bedouins.

Camel Riding in Israel and Palestine is a special activity every tourist to the Holy Land must Experience.

Camels use in the Holy Land

Camels have been important throughout history in the Negev Desert.

During the Nabataean period, сamels were used to transport precious goods such as spices from the Arabian Peninsula to ports on the Mediterranean.

They managed to create a network of towns and rest stops along the Negev Desert.

It had 35km intervals between towns which is the maximum distance a camel can ride each day with a full load.

On the other hand, an unloaded camel can walk a distance of 100 km!

The Nabateans developed a complex communication and support network based upon camel riding.

The tradition of Camel use by the Nabateans also affected the local nomadic tribes of the Negev.

Nowadays, these tribes including the Bedouins use camels as a pivotal part of their daily lives.

Camel Ranches across the Holy Land

It is crucial to take a Camel tour from a reputable and experienced ranch.

Holy Land VIP Tours works with numerous camel centers across the Negev.

There is a large number of available activities to do during Camel riding in Israel and Palestine – from rides in the local menage to tours out in the open desert.

Camel Riding in Israel and Palestine is an unforgettable experience suitable for kids and adults!

Camel tours can last an hour or two and with enough time and will even last half a day and even longer.

The Negev Camel Ranch in Kurnub-Mamshit is a Camel riding center located near the city of Dimona.

camel riding jerusalem | mount of olives camel rides | camel rides israel dead sea | negev camel ranch | camel ride masada | camel ride mitzpe ramon | Holy Land VIP Tours | HolyLand ToursIt is about halfway between the Dead Sea and the city of Beer Sheba.

This camel ranch is a famous and long experienced in conducting camel rides in the Holy Land.

Unlike its counterparts, the Negev Camel Ranch in Dimona is a working farm which breeds and trains camels.

It has the largest camel herd in Israel and it also develops camel saddles which are being used around the world.

More information about the Negev Camel Ranch can be found on its website or alternatively by contacting us.

In addition to the Mamshit Camel Ranch, we offer Camel riding in Mitzpe Ramon, Jerusalem and in the Dead Sea. 

Interested in a Camel riding in the Holy Land? Give us a call to +1(800)-787-3034 or Leave us a message and we will contact you shortly!