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  • Mount Nebo and Jerash Tour

Private mount Nebo and Jerash Tour take you further deep into the kingdom of Jordan.

Jordan is a unique country and one of the few countries you will be able to visit from Israel, without taking a flight.

Discover the most ancient places in the world in an unforgettable and Private experience.

Highlights of the tour

  • Cross the border at the River Jordan Crossing
  • Stop at Jerash – the glorious remnants of the ancient Greek acropolis.
  • Visit Mount Nebo – enjoy the magnificent view
  • Since we are going to cross the border, make sure to bring your passport with you.

Private mount Nebo & Jerash Tour Overview

Our Christian Guide will meet you at the morning, in your requested pickup point.

Then, you will begin your journey towards the River Jordan Crossing.

The ancient Roman city of Jerash in Jordan

After we finish all the needed procedures at the border, we will continue to our first station, the ruins of Gerasa near the city of Jerash.

Notable landmarks in Jerash that you will visit include Hadrian’s Arch, the Corinthian columns of the Temple of Artemis and the huge Forum’s oval colonnade.

Additionally, we will visit the Jerash Archaeological Museum.

This institute of the art displays artifacts excavated from the ruins.

From Jerash, we will continue to Mount Nebo.

The old testament mentions Mount Nebo as the place where the Lord granted Moses with a one and only view of the Promised Land.

Then Moses climbed Mount Nebo from the plains of Moab to the top of Pisgah, across from Jericho – Deuteronomy 34:1.

When you will reach the top, the magnificent panorama of the Holy Land will be presented before you. Also, to the north, you will have a limited view of

Mount Nebo Church

Mount Nebo Church

the River Jordan Valley.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the Moses Memorial Church, where you will find some of the best ancient mosaics in Jordan.

On a very clear day, you can actually see the ancient cities of Jericho and Jerusalem from the top of the Mount.

From there, you will begin your journey back to your hotel/airport.

So, are you interested in a Private tour from the Holy Land to Jordan?

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