Qumran – Dead Sea & Jericho Tour with Holy Land VIP Tours

Qumran and Jericho Tour is a private tour opportunity we offer for our audience.

During this day trip we will visit the Ancient city of Jericho.

We will also visit the famous Qumran caves and the finish the tour in the Dead sea.

Highlight of the tour

  • Tell es-Sultan – archaeological site tracing back to 10,000 BCE.
  • Jesus’ Baptismal site known as Qasr al Yahoud
  • Hisham’s palace – important muslim site in Jericho
  • Mount of Temptation Monastery – built along the cliff of the famous Mount of temptation
  • Deir Hajla Monastery  – named after Saint Gerassimos of Jordan
  • Qumran caves
  • The Dead Sea

During our day tour to Jericho from Jerusalem, we will be crossing the Israel-Palestinian border.

As a result, Don’t forget to bring your passport during this day – you won’t be able to cross without it.

About Jericho

We’ll descend to the lowest region on Earth, touring Jericho, the lowest city and oldest city on Earth with its famous Biblical history.

Jericho is a city in the Palestine located in the West Bank on the shores of River Jordan.

The city is mentioned many times in both the Old and the New testament.

Jericho tour – Arriving the Ancient city

Our first stop will be in Tell es-Sultan, an archaeological site in the West Bank, located about a mile north of the center of Jericho.

The place was inhabited from the 10th millennium BCE.

We will visit the excavation site and learn about it’s history.

When we finish, we will proceed to Jesus’ Baptismal site known as Qasr al Yahoud.

We provide a special opportunity for Christian pilgrimages to conduct private baptism ceremony in the nearby site during the tour for the souls who wish for it.

Later, we will proceed to the Greek Orthodox monastery located in Jericho.

The Byzantines built the Monastery, on the slopes of the Mount of Temptation, in the 6th century CE.

The Mount of Temptation is said to be the hill in the Judean Desert where Jesus was tempted by the devil (Matthew 4:8).

In addition, we will visit the Greek Orthodox monastery of Deir Hajla commemorates St. Gerasimus, whose grave was nearby.

According to the Christian belief, the Holy Family found refuge in a nearby cave during their flight from Herod the Great.

Qumran and the Dead Sea

We continue our private tour with a drive to Qumran.

This archaeological site is located in the West Bank about a mile from the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea near the famous Qumran Caves.

The settlement was constructed during the Greek reign of John Hyrcanus0, around 134–104 BCE and destroyed by the Romans in about 68 CE.

The nearby caves are the location where the the famous Dead Sea Scrolls and some later Archaeological findings were discovered in 1950.

Today, the Dead sea scrolls exhibition located in Jerusalem and are available during some of our tours in Jerusalem.

We will also have time to explore the caves and enjoy a free time for lunch.

Finally, we precede to the the lowest sea in the world – the Dead Sea.

We will finish our Jericho tour with a healthy and unforgettable experience.

Float in the waters and immerse in the mud of the Dead Sea, known for it’s healthy values for the skin.

After we finish enjoying the salty water we will begin our drive back to Jerusalem.

Jericho Tour with Holy Land VIP Tours

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