Haifa and Acre are among the most visited cities in the Northern coast of Israel.

Our Private Tour in Haifa and Acre offers you the opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful places in the Holy Land.

Along with our certified Christian tour guides, you will embark on a journey to the beautiful northern area of the Holy Land.

With our licensed Christian tour guides, you will be able to experience these special places in a unique way and even dive into the holy scripture.

This Private day tour begins early in the morning with a drive from your accommodated hotel in Jerusalem towards the beautiful north.

Tour Details


Port of Acre, Israel

Our private day tour begins with a visit to Acre, also known as Akko.

This coastal city in northern Israel, which is located in the extremity of Haifa-Bay, occupies an important location as it sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are two historical levels of this unique city which we will explore:

Underground – crusaders halls, castles, and tunnels

Upper – Turkish Ottoman town authentic and full of surprises.

Highlights of the tour

  • Explore The old Town of Acre – A magical place with a unique history. Let yourself meander around the streets while listening to our dedicated guide.
  • Visit the old Market of Acre and experience it through the many available choices of spices, souvenirs, crafts, and food which you will find there.
  • Enjoy a unique cultural experience in the Turkish Bazaar – old district of Acre, one of the oldest covered art and dining markets in the world.
  • Visit The Citadel and the Crusader fortress and walk in the underground tunnels of the Templar order.
  • Stroll the magnificent Baha’i gardens of Acre – the holiest place to the Baha’i religion.


When we finish our tour in Acre, we will continue to the famous city of Haifa – the third-largest city in Israel and a major seaport in the bay of Haifa.

It is located on the slopes of the famous Mount Carmel.

The city’s history is spanning through 3,000 years, and over the millennia the city has changed hands numerous times.

As a result, the city’s landmarks and the touristic scene includes a vast mixture of religions and cultures.

During this day, we will visit some of the most famous landmarks in Haifa.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Visit Stella Maris monastery and Lighthouse on the slopes of Mount Carmel
  • Visit Elijah’s Cave – a must-see for Christian pilgrims and a very solemn place for Carmelite devotees. It is also here where the famous prophet Elijah had his battle against the Pagan priests of Baal’.
  • Visit Daliat El Carmel and enjoy a lunch of luscious Druze traditional cuisine.
  • Stroll through the iconic Louis Promenade and walk to the famous Baha’i Gardens – the second most important place to the Baha’i religion and probably the most famous landmark in Haifa.
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner in the German colony which gives a magnificent overview of the Baha’i Gardens from the bottom of the Mount, especially during the evening.